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East Hamilton Middle School Dress Code 

Student dress should exemplify an atmosphere of learning. Students may not wear any type of dress or look that is distracting or disrespectful to the learning environment. In terms of decisions regarding school dress, the professional judgment of teachers and administrators will prevail. If a student is not sure if an article of clothing is dress code appropriate, he/she should bring it to school and ask a teacher or administrator for approval before wearing the item in question.


Administration makes the final decision on dress code questions/issues. 

Consequences for violating the dress code: 

 Student will be sent to ISS. 

 Parent will be notified and clothes should be sent, if possible. 

 If clothes cannot be sent, the student will remain in ISS. 

Dress Down Days 

East Hamilton MS students may qualify for a dress down incentive every Friday of every week during the school year. If a student comes to school/class on time, is in dress code, has completed all assignments and has had no disciplinary infractions Monday through Thursday, they may qualify for a dress down day on Friday. The below list are dress down day guidelines regarding what students who qualify can/cannot wear: 

 Denim may be worn 

 T-shirts may be worn 

 Shirts do not have to be tucked in but should be long enough to be tucked in. 

*All other items listed that are unacceptable during a normal dress code day will be applied 


2020-2021 Dress Code 

Until further notice, all students must wear face masks as stipulated by HCS. Please see district FAQs for specific description. 


 Collared golf, polo or oxford style shirts must be solid or striped 

 Shirts must be school appropriate with no obscenities or advertisements of tobacco and/or alcohol 

 Only top two buttons may be unbuttoned 

 Must be long enough to be tucked in *tucked in shirts are recommended 

 No T-shirts (except on Friday dress down days or other designated days) 


 No jeans (except on dress down Fridays or other designated days) 

 Belt required (except on dress down Fridays or other designated days) 

 Pants/shorts must be solid color and may not have writing, graphics, rips, or holes 

 Shorts must come 3 inches above the knees 

 No sagging 

 No underwear may show 

 No spandex pants/shorts 

 No yoga pants / jeggings / leggings 

 No cargos 

 No overalls 

 No athletic shorts 


 None allowed unless approved by administration for religious practice/beliefs 

Coats (Outerwear) 

 Coats / Full zip jackets may not be worn in the building; must remain in lockers 

 No hoodies 


 Sweatshirts may be “EH spirit” clothing or school appropriate (free of obscenities, alcohol, tobacco, etc.) but must NOT have a hood / pockets 

 May be worn daily, year round with an approved shirt underneath 

 No sweatpants of any style 


 All shoes must be school appropriate and may not interfere with safety (stairwells, evacuations). 

 Shoes must cover the entire foot. For this reason, flip-flops, heels and house slippers, sandals, Clogs or Crocs may NOT be worn. 

 No boots 



In response to COVID-19 planning, facemasks are required by students, staff, and visitors until further notice. Such facemasks must adhere to the guidelines set by HCS. If parents are interested in the student mask opt-out, please complete the online register, or contact the school front office.


 No hats, caps, bandanas, full head wraps 

 No book bags / back packs / purses allowed in class, with the exception of response during the COVID-19 response when lockers are not issued or available. 

 No sunglasses, gloves or blankets 

 Jewelry must be school appropriate (Administration has final decision) 

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